Mapping Persian music artists

Persian music comes in various genres, to name a few: traditional, ritual, pop, symphonic, contemporary. Each type of music has its own fans and distinct instruments.

Nowadays, the music platforms such as Spotify or iTunes make it easier for people to listen to their favorite artists or discover new artists.

But, have you ever wondered who are the most connected artists in the ocean of Iranian musicians? Shajarian? Googoosh? Hayedeh?

To answer this question, we looked at the related artist graph that is extracted from Spotify. The related artist graph shows which artists are related based on various factors and it helps the consumers to navigate from one song to another.

Running clustering, different genres emerge with the traditional Persian music in the far right and Persian pop on the left in green.

And surprisingly Shajarian is not taking the first place and not even the top 10. The most connected artist in this graph is Ebi.

The most connected artists in descending order are:

  1. Ebi
  2. siavash
  3. Farzad Farzin
  4. Morteza
  5. Leila Frouhar
  6. Shahram Shabpareh
  7. Hayedeh
  8. Shadmehr Aghili
  9. Alireza Eftekhari
  10. Fereidoon Foroughi
  11. Shakila
  12. Mohammad Reza Shajarian
  13. Googoosh
  14. Sattar
  15. Mahasti
  16. Bijan Mortazavi
  17. Parviz Meshkatian
  18. Farhad
  19. Mehrdad
  20. Reza sadeghi

Artists strive to make themselves more visible to the consumers by connecting to central artists and that is part of a research we are focusing now.

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