Samuel Martin-Gutierrez


I am a postdoc researcher at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and a member of the Computational Social Science and Networked Inequality group led by Fariba Karimi. I also collaborate with the Complex Systems Group of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

I studied physics at Universidad de Valladolid and Universidad de Granada, where I came in contact with Complex Systems for the first time in a course taught by Joaquín Marro. I went on to do a Master in Complex Systems at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, during which I researched the relationship between agricultural activities and communication and mobility patterns in Senegal using mobile phone data.

For my PhD thesis, I used techniques from Network and Data Science to analyse multiple datasets of online user behaviour obtained from social contexts where polarization may arise. During this period I developed statistical models of social interaction that explain the relationship between the actions of individuals and the stimulated collective responses of social systems (Sci Rep 10, 12126 (2020)), studied online user behaviour during electoral processes (Complexity 2018, 2413481), developed techniques for sentiment analysis (In: Putting Social Media and Networking Data in Practice for Education, Planning, Prediction and Recommendation. Lecture Notes in Social Networks. Springer), unravelled the relationship between ideology and language in territorial conflicts (Sci Rep 9, 17148 (2019)), derived an expression to compute the variance and covariance of probability distributions defined over the nodes of a network ( and proposed a multipolar opinion inference technique for social networks as well as measures of polarization suited for multipolar settings.

My main research interest is the study of collective human behaviour, which I approach from two perspectives: big scale data-driven analysis and development of models to reproduce the behavioural patterns found in those analysis. I am especially interested in studying the emergence of inequalities and polarization in social systems.

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