Nicola Cinardi


In July 2021, I joined the Complexity Science Hub Vienna as postdoc researcher. Since July 2022 I am member of the Computational Social Science and Network Inequality group led by  Fariba Karimi.  My main focus, as member of the group, is on the use of network science, statistical mechanics and complex systems for the theoretical understanding and the computational modelling of social systems with special attention to inequalities and disparities. 

I received my PhD in Complex Systems from the University of  Catania in 2020. I worked on my thesis “Fitness and Flavor in d-  dimensional complex networks” under the supervision of Prof.  Andrea Rapisarda. 

During my PhD, I moved to international institutions to carry out research in the field of complex networks and their generalizations.  At Centro de Pesquisa Fisica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I worked with  Prof. Constantino Tsallis on non-extensive statistical mechanics and its applications in network science.  At the Queen Mary University of London, Uk, I worked with Prof.  Ginestra Bianconi on higher-order networks and emerging quantum statistics. 

Previously I completed a Master Degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Catania. To work on my master thesis I moved to the Radboud University, as Erasmus scholar, and joined the  Quantum Gravity group led by Prof. Renate Loll. Under the supervision of Dr. Francesca Vidotto, I wrote the thesis “Deformed  Loop Quantum Gravity Phase Space via Curved Geometry and the  Cosmological Constant”. 

My research interests span the formulation of a theory of quantum gravity and its cosmological implications, the search for a unified explanatory framework of the mind and the brain, graph theory and network science, and complexity science applications for social  good. 

Outside research I do coaching sessions and write books.

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